The Complacency Of Religious Men

The man infected with a bout of running nose,  running stomach and itchy anus will not know when he put faeces into his mouth.

-By Chris Nwogu

My father is a good man, a conservative Christian for that matter but whether he is a born again Christian in the context of contemporary Pentecostalism has remained the muse and argument of those who discuss people instead of ideas.

As a conservative Christian of the orthodox stock, he is so meek and peace loving to a fault, expectedly, the world often take advantage of this and on occasions deny him or take that which belongs to him. The irony is that whether he knows, do not understand that they are taking advantage of his meekness or he deliberately chose to ignore it. Truth remains that it never seems to bother him.

My father always caught the appearance of a man at peace with himself and his Chi (God). I actually do think he strongly believes everything on earth as transient and look in pity on those who spends time acquiring and stealing collective wealth of nation and generation unborn, wealth in less than no time they will leave behind as they depart this earth.

In fact if you and your family have accommodation problem, my father will accommodate you and your entire family providing your needs at his expense till thy kingdom come. you could even take advantage of his humility and understanding to invite all your friends with accommodation problems without taking permission from him and my father will receive them with smiles as long as they genuinely needs accommodation, in fact the old man can even move to the balcony if required, to make do for your friends who are in need, to him foxes must have holes even when the son of man has no place to lay his head.

My father trying to correct me those days and instil the virtue of living in peace with my neighbours, went to the extreme (I think) to tell me that he can actually have Satan as his neighbour without the devil finding fault with him to which I immediately told him then, ‘that your neighbour is not evil else will create and imagine faults in real-time’. Alternatively you may have chosen to absorb the wickedness of evil men without complaint, well he decides not to pursue that line of advice.

My father’s favourite quotation is “if a man’s way pleases the Lord even his enemies will be at peace with him” while I agree with the quotation I know of no man whose way pleases the Lord like Jesus yet while his enemies crucify him his friends denied him.

Perhaps because of this Martin Luther King Jnr. Probably lamented that “in the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends”

Let me call on my poetic license to digress on the issue at stake as I talk about my father, after all one of our favourite author, Ben Carson, wrote a whole book ‘Gifted Hands’ about his mother and all of us queued to get a copy of the story of his mother.

The good thing about my father is that on a good day he could have a temper, so terrible that even the gates of hell are terrified to its foundations. And on few occasions it happened the community, colleagues or neighbours comes to his defence without enquiring who’s at fault because anything that makes Dee Moss to fume is worth suspending from the land of the living and woe betide you if you are the cause because the mob would Have taken a chunk of you in seconds as he again come to your rescue.

I believe the problem of Nigerians nay religious men has remain the use of same approach, verse and quotation in trying to solve every problems and challenges while there are different Bible quotations, verses and even sticks to meet each needs and challenges.

I have often argued that one of the problem of the Pharisees were heavy emphasis on the law, as the law eventually became a burden to those observing it, imagine where, in the bid to keep the Ten Commandment, about eight hundred other laws or ordinances may  have been created and hinged around the original ten.

Today in the bid to be meek and humble, Christians swallow aggression, humiliation, intimidation and bad governance line hook and sinker.

Jesus our model, as Christians, never used same approach in every situation even in his healings. At a point Jesus challenged the status quo, the Rabbis, Sanhedrin and other men of the law; that is asking for trouble. At other time he flogged those selling and desecrating the temple. It only takes a radical to do that. A time was when Jesus answered all questions thrown at Him; good bad, mockery even questions asked to trap Him yet at other time he chose to keep mum even when he could easily let himself out. Had Jesus followed same approach at every circumstance perhaps he would have been crucified even before the start of his ministry.

Unfortunately, modern day meek and humble religious persons will watch as hooligans parading as leader mess up their living condition in the name of politics or governance while terrorist take over their cities.

Who told you that because I am a Christian and when you are acting up, I cannot tell you ‘don’t be silly’ even the greatest prophet that live, John the Baptist had occasion to hard words… “You brood of vipers…” ahh the Old Testament is replete of wars and battles fought by children of God under the direction of God. Even the New Testament acknowledges that it is not every time we fight physical so ‘the weapons of our warfare are not canal…” which can also mean we also explore spiritual warfare.

Dogs for examples knows when to bring out its tongue to lap at the owner but the same mouth that same mouth that seem toothless to the owner, barks and even bites a perceived enemy hence

if it is in your hand you must strive to leave in peace with all men. This also means that it is not every time that your ways will please your enemy even while you are a born again Christian.

Professor Chinua Achebe may have concluded that while peace is golden but when a man comes into your house and defecate on the floor of your living room, sound reasoning dictates and demands that such a man deserves nothing but a broken head especially with stick with stumps.

Even Oyedepo, the Papa and President of Living Faith cum Winners Chapel; loved by his congregation respected and admired by non-members, yes even the spiritual, miracle working prosperity preacher knows that there comes a time a staccato of physical slaps must be released even on the alter to settle once and for all, a case involving a witch for Christ.

You trust your friend or church member, so in meekness and humility you invest millions in business together with him with no agreement and he run away with your life savings and you blame same God who has given you enough reasoning faculty and knowledge to protect yourself in little things as this.

Now I remember, it was Michael Okpara, that second republic politician that once stated that “first fool no be fool, second fool na proper foolish.

Little wonder Bertrand Russell submitted that “the fundamental cause of trouble in the world is that the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt”

A.W Tozer our mutual friend of yore wrote “when Gods sheep are in danger, the shepherd must not gaze at the star and meditate on inspiration themes. He is morally obligated to grab his weapon and run in their defence when the circumstance calls for it. Love can use the sword though by her nature she will rather bind up the broken heart and minister to the wounded. It is time for the prophet and seers, pastors, laity and other religious men, make themselves heard again. For decade timidity disguised as humility has crouched in her corner while spiritual quality of Christians has become progressively worse year by year”.

The old song has the lyrics…

“Where are the prophets?

We remember the prophets

Where are the prophet’s eooo eooo”

We must all rise up and do the needful or we may be willing accomplice as we ignorantly channel faeces into our mouth.