MMM – A look at the home front.

The Mavrodi Mondial Movement (MMM) founded by Russian Sergey Mavrodi.

MMM is said to be a Ponzi scheme comprising a community of mutual financial aid and donation exchange.

In Nigeria recent experience, MMM entrenched a new ‘world order’ that if one is not careful may threaten even the very elect participating in the scheme. The speed of  It spread and acceptance was like wild fire and embraced with the type of zeal and vigour new converts chase spiritual growth and a fanaticism to defend the program that seem to supersede that of  those that created the platform hence  threatening the health of banks and other financial institutions causing the government and other regulatory institutions and bodies a near panic and dilemma  as to the uncertainty and undeterminable impact it might create in the institutions and economy. Thus this near panic led to a collaborative effort by this various organizations to unleash a Media campaign against the movement, a campaign that may have contributed to tension and panic participants felt leading to the freezing mode witnessed recently. In fact here in Nigeria MMM to say the least became technically a new religion.

The wind of this new opium moved to hallowed chambers even into high places of worship and homes that, where family alter did not collapse it was brought down to near non-existence or probably all-time low in many homes. The joy of unrealistic empowerment, the thrill of hope and the expectations of promises in a country riddle with unemployment, hopelessness, recession and a leadership that seem to be groping in the dark all led to near collapse of God In many homes and the mad rush to succeed and be financially independent via Ponzi scheme!

Idolatry has also been defined in some quarters as anything that takes the first place of mans (woman) heart.

MMM could perhaps qualify  as the new age idolatry in Nigeria’s recent experience.

I never knew the gravity of its impact in homes and work places until the day it went into freezing mode so to say.

The general feeling in most places was that of pain and relief. Pain to those who refuse to heed the warning to participate with spare money and went ahead to borrow, sold valuables, properties, assets and fell into unimaginable liability.

And relief that finally homes will return to normalcy where father, mother and children will play there Cultural family roles of interdependence and source alternative sustainable means of income.

In most homes as I was made to understand many participating wives relegated their primary responsibilities to a level of negligence that could best be described as dangerous. Men – the acclaimed spiritual leaders and authority figures in their homes tuned down the embrace of heavenly in their home and adjudicated authority to uncertainty were moral codes were  left to chance and flew through the windows. At the offices, productivity took a fine beating..

Unfortunately those engulf in the practice never knew of the new addiction they have inadvertently allowed themselves to sink.

Tobacco companies has it hidden in there adverts,’smokers a liable to die young’ every smoker knows it’s there yet that knowledge of death in slow motion does little to dissuade smokers from the folly and temporal deadly enjoyment of this seeming joy stick.

MMM creators were generous and considerate enough to place their warning in a very strategic position, blinking in coloured text That warns members to participate with spare money’ but this warning like that of tobacco companies did not stop participants from taking risks that where close to montaging one’s life to eternal crisis and misery in the event of crash! This was the reason I had advocated before the freeze that while it may be Herculean to dissuade participants the new focus should be education against greed and unwholesome expectation and practice for experience has shown that those who plans to ‘harmer’ via Ponzi schemes are often left with a wound and scar of mortal gravity.

While one cannot deny the benefit that has accrued from participation in this scheme, it behoves on participants to use this period of ‘Freeze mode’ or ‘MMM holiday’ to make amends in pursuit of financial security and independence through this scheme and also place more priority in the elevation of family values, traditions and sustainable means of income so that we would not be faced with a crash of values entrenched by unwholesome attention to MMM over family value, tradition and moral.

Yes it is understandable that in times like this alternatives are sourced that may not be very healthy as seen in federal government paying militants to stay the wind of strife while Governor El-rufai informed the world (that for temporal peace to reign in Kaduna) he had to locate and pay Fulani herdsmen going round and murdering communities and setting ablaze residential homes, so it appears the masses also identified MMM as a temporal means of succour that went haywire. There’s need to return to the home and embrace all alternatives responsibly. For those who resumes with the scheme come January a healthy balance is not negotiable.


by CHRIS Nwogu

Abuja. Nigeria.