Bukola got the Senate to investigate FG..

“Bukola got the Senate to investigate the Federal government’s contract in the North East. The conclusion was that billions of Naira worth of contracts went to Buhari’s family, friends and Presidency personal (Including the SGF and inlaws). One relative got N700 million to supply food, it was found out that he supplied only about N100 million worth of food stuff. The SGF got awarded N200 million to remove weeds (Invasive species of grass) he did nothing and collected N200 million. The conclusion is that under Buhari, billions of Naira has been stolen. Meanwhile, there is starvation at the IDP camps and soldiers are at a point of mutiny due to lack of food and water – the United Nations has had to intervene. Bukola, emboldened by his treasure trove of documents has made two major moves. He rejected Magu as EFCC chairman and released information on the SGF’s involvement in the North East contracts scam. Bukola deliberately withheld information relating to the Buhari family and the Mamman Daura group in order to use the information to blackmail Buhari. Bukola now has Buhari by the ball, thus Buhari singing Bukola’s praise and asking the Attorney General to investigate Magu.

Jonathan diverted money meant for arms – Buhari diverted money meant for food and social services – both corrupt.”