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Can we restructure.......? California is the 6th largest economy in the world. It's economy is larger than that of France or Brazil. The little problem is that California is not a country. It is a State in the United States of America. It has little offshore oil, yet its [Read more..]


  WHEN MEN STEP IN. My husband has a way of settling issues or quarrels among our children which works perfectly and amazes me. Well, I'm blessed to be married to a very wise man shaa. Let me share some of his tips and hope that it will help you. My children especially [Read more..]

Advice to new managers

Written by Tony O. Elumelu, C.O.N Chairman at Heirs Holdings Last week, I sat in on a training session for new managers within our Heirs Holdings Group. As these outstanding young men and women transition into supervisory roles, there is critical need for the organization [Read more..]

True situational Analysis of Life.

*True situational Analysis of Life.* After Secondary School.. Some of our classmates have gone out of the country, Others have completed universities and are now Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, Pilots, Lawyers, Administrators, etc. Some have married, Some have given birth.. . [Read more..]
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