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Slogan: Transforming minds! Changing You! Changing Me!

Urububa is an African name that depicts the Butterfly. We associate and liken this blog to the butterfly activities. The butterfly is a symbol of true factual and verifiable transformation. Yes, a symbol of Change.

Our Country, nay, continent is in dire need of Change, of Transformation.

Change in all areas -in values, in Leadership, politics, in the laws, governance, Business  Education, work ethics and even in the home front.

We need real innovational Changes, not the Change taunted in theory, or in mere slogan, meshed and laced with propaganda or that, often seen in political manifestoes, full of noise and less of depth, convictions and sincerity.

But a change that is real, factual and can be felt and verified.

A Change that will orchestrate and deliver better proactive way of doing things leading to growth and development.

Our core intention here at Urububa is to present issues undiluted, lead opinions and provoke transformation through this blog -By being a lens to scrutinize and keep leadership on it toes for better governance while the masses are coached to embrace values that lead to self determination and reliance, as they make contributions as empowered citizenry.

It is our belief that in this myriad of expectations, we also deliver various forms of entertainment -sports, jokes, gossips seasoned on events that keeps the eyes and ears tingling in excitement.

Urububa (Butterfly) is often attracted to light and as such we aim to be the lens to view and lighten dark areas and a channel to expose harmful practices or activities enshrouded in secrecy. These also involve the engagement of constructive criticism aimed at ushering transparent governance.

The butterfly is a symbol of Transformation, depicting that change is a constant behaviour necessary for real growth. This is truer in our human experience hence the general agreement that in human endeavour, the only constant thing is change.

The wing of the butterfly is transparent. To us, it depicts the transparency, credibility and objectivity by which issues will be delivered at

The Urububa is a beauty to behold in its darting flight that exudes grace. Floating in a sea of wind as it engages in purposeful and targeted trips, perching from one nectar to another and in the process trigger pollination as it sucks nutrients for its own survival without distorting growth of flowers – a movement without which most plants will not have been pollinated.

How do we hope to achieve this feats at Urububa?

By having a balanced blend and mix of categories in this social platform including




Business Coaching






Gossip…yes Gossip.

Today, the ‘butterfly effect’ happen to be a concept generally being agreed upon suggesting that small causes can have huge impact (rather effect) on the macro environment.

This means that individually and collective, our little efforts here and there must not be neglected or underrated as its cumulative capacity ensures the monumental transformational change we so much desire.

At Urububa, we hope to achieve this while guided by our values, professionalism and a penchant for credibility and objectivity as we enthrone, as human agencies, a better World of fairness, equity and transformational growth and development.

Ride with us as we project this vision. Welcome on board.⁠⁠⁠⁠